Please insure you read the below carefully before making use of our wheels as any disregard for the below guidelines may have implications on the validity of your warranty. 

  • Please make sure to install brake on breaking surface as per the following picture.


    • Make sure that you only use brake pads that are supplied by Darkhorse Wheels  and make sure to check your brake pads regularly for signs of deterioration and fatigue.  If there is use of any other pads other than the ones supplied the warranty will be void.
    • The maximum rider weight for all SLF series and previous 60-88 wheelsets is 110kg. Older 38 and 50mm rim wheelsets is 100kg.
    • DO NOT exceed 125 psi on clinchers and 145 psi on tubulars, when inflating your tyre on a Darkhorse wheels.
    • ONLY  use high pressure rim tape on Darkhorse Wheels rims.
    • Make sure that you inspect and clean the rim surface of your Darkhorse Wheels and brake pads before each and every ride.

    Please feel free to contact us via Facebook or email should you have any further questions.

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